Stunning Nashville Wedding Cake

Unique Wedding Inspiration of Nashville Wedding Cakes Ideas

If you want to make spectacular wedding party next month, you may check out Nashville wedding cake which offers you a team to design your stunning cake. Your guests will be left by the team with new experience of tasting delicious wedding cake ever. It is designed such a monument texture with height in medium and very high. The size is actually personal option which is considered by different aspects […]

How to Make Wedding Cake Pops for Friends

How to Make Wedding Cake Pops Ideas with Colorful

Wedding party will be complete with a little thing to serve cute cake pops. Even just a little beauty meal, a cake pop looks so pretty on the table along with beverage and other dish service. It is better you know how to make wedding cake pops which tutor you to create beautiful pops for your big event. By cooking your own making, it will help you to reduce the […]

The Non Traditional Shape of the Modern Wedding Cake

Simple and Modern Wedding Cakes Ideas

Weddings are supposed to be an event that only occurs once in a lifetime. Wedding marks the unison of two people. It is the milestone that the two people have committed themselves to love and cherish each other for as long as they live. It is then only fair for the brides and grooms to get the wedding of their dream even if they dream of the ultra modern weddings […]

The Modern Navy Blue Wedding Cake

Simple Wedding Inspiration of Navy Blue Wedding Cakes Ideas

A wedding cake should be the center of attention, beside the bride and groom of course and not only as the decoration to have on your reception. The wedding cake may not be something that should be created for a tasty snack for the guests, but also to be remembered and to inspire the others brides and grooms to be that a cake can be that unforgettable. If you want […]

The Wedding Cakes with Purple Flowers’ Inspirations

Trditional Design of Wedding Cakes with Purple Flowers Ideas

Purple is a strong yet romantic color. The two contrasting meanings of the color are the reasons why many people turn to purple color palate for their wedding scheme. If you do choose purple, then it is only right if you also prepare the wedding cakes with purple flowers to complete the scheme. Purple may not be a traditional color, but we are living in the modern world after all, […]

How to Make the Monogram Cake Toppers for Weddings

Amazing Decoration with Special Wedding of Monogram Cake Topper

It is easy to fall in love with the monogram cake toppers for weddings. They are so simple with its minimalist color, but at the same time, they are also very elegant. A few bling would complete the royal look of these monogram cake toppers. Do you know that you can actually create something yourselves? If you do, then you should try to follow these steps. Silver monogram cake toppers […]

The Delicious Italian Wedding Cake Recipes

Nature Themes for Wedding Creative Design of Italian Wedding Cake Recipes Ideas 2014

The Italian wedding cake recipes are one the most wanted cake recipes ever. They are known also as the Italian Cream Cake. The cake consists of 3 tiers and although they are named the Italian Wedding Cake, but they are actually the cakes to be used for any special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc. Because the cake tastes so special, it becomes the perfect cake for the special […]

The Exotic Wedding Cakes of Indonesia and China

Glamorous Cakes of Exotic Wedding Cakes Ideas

Do you want unique wedding cakes? The exotic wedding cakes are inspired by Indonesia as well as China. Both countries have different kind of exoticism but equally interesting and pretty. There is nothing wrong with the classic American cake, nor is that there is anything wrong with the modern ones, however there nothing wrong at wanting to be unique, too. There are so many types of wedding cakes. However, finding […]

Searching for the Purple and Blue Wedding Cakes

Romantic Wedding Planner with Beauty and Fresh Cake of Purple and Blue Wedding Cakes Ideas

Any traditional wedding will require you to have something old, something new and something blue. Here is a great idea, why not provide something blue that is edible like the purple and blue wedding cakes? The mixture of color would be fantastic and with the perfect design, the wedding cake would something blue that every guest would not be able to forget. Just imagine the blue fondant being shaped into […]

The Elegance of Lilac Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Inspiration of the Lilac Wedding Cakes Ideas

Are you going to have a spring wedding? If you do, then you need to decorate your wedding venue and wedding cakes with flowers. What else would be better than flowers during spring? Not only that the spring will remind us of the abundant flowers we see on the streets, but also the prices of fresh flowers would be lower. One of the best flowers that you can choose is […]